14 Day Guarantee


Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee gives us the opportunity to show you exactly how confident we are that our simple, flexible and realistic program can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Thanks to the incredible results already achieved by thousands of members plus 4 x World Champion, Danny Green, and our expert Team of Dietitians, Nutritionists and Exercise & Sports Scientists in your corner, we know TDGfit works!

We also know our program only works if you do, so our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee definitely doesn’t apply for ‘quitters’ looking for an ‘easy way out’.

Therefore, to be considered for our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee you must be a new member and you must prove to us that you’ve been truly committed to getting the most out of your program by fulfilling the below minimum criteria –

1. Complete your Fitness Gauge and enter your results during your Warm-up week (Week 1)

2. Complete your Weekly Log including logging each workout in Week 2 (don’t worry, logging your results is super-quick and easy!)

3. As we can only support you if you tell us what you need, you must contact our Support Crew with any questions or queries you have within 14 days of your Program Start Date.

4. If you’ve completed the above and you still believe TDGfit is not for you, simply contact us within 16 days of your Program Start Date telling us why you’d like to quit the program.