Protein: How much is enough?

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Protein has so many functions in the body and is obviously one of the most important nutrients, but how do we know if we are getting enough? The official recommended dietary intake (RDI) for protein for adult men is 64g per day. But this probably won’t be enough to meet your requirements if you’re active…. Read More

Isolation vs Compound Exercises

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Isolation (or single-joint) exercises target specific muscle groups and require less skill to perform. Examples of isolation exercises are biceps curl or quadriceps extension. Isolation exercises are frequently used in physical therapy clinics and rehab centres in order to correct a specific muscle weakness or imbalance that often occurs after injury, illness, surgery or certain… Read More

Can I exercise when I’m sick?

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So what’s the best advice, harden up and push through it, or take a day or two off and hit it hard when you’re feeling better? If you have a common cold in the absence of a fever, physical activity is usually okay. In fact, you may feel better for the exercise as it opens… Read More