Happy Feet


Walking, running, x-training, cycling, steps, etc… many forms of exercise rely on your feet absorbing and transferring varying levels impact and force. It therefore stands to reason that maintaining good foot health is a key part of your overall training success. This is even more important for anyone starting out, returning to exercise after a… Read More

Partners who sweat together, stay together!


We all know that improving our physical fitness can benefit our own well-being, but growing evidence suggests that working out with your romantic partner can improve your relationship in a number of ways as well. 1. Increased physical attractiveness It goes without saying that getting in shape is likely to make you more physically attractive… Read More

Creating an Anabolic Environment


Let’s get one thing clear straight up… this article is not about ‘anabolic steroids’. Instead, it will explain how you can create an environment that supports the body to build muscle and give you the body shape you’re aiming for. Every second of every day the body is performing a range of biochemical processes essential… Read More

A workout most days helps keep the doctor away


Research has found that regular exercise helps to bolster your immune system which means you can fight off simple bacterial and viral infections more easily. We don’t know exactly the mechanism of how this works but some of the theories include: physical activity flushes out the lungs more frequently which removes airborne bacteria that causes… Read More

Sitting at work all day?


Research out of Melbourne studied the physical activity levels of employees working in offices, call-centres and customer service jobs. It found a staggering 77% of the employees’ time was spent being sedentary (inactive) during working hours at which time the body effectively goes into metabolic shut-down. Latest research on the blood pressure of people who… Read More

Can I exercise when I’m sick?

Young athlete coughing and blowing with a tissue. Caucasian hispanic male model.

So what’s the best advice, harden up and push through it, or take a day or two off and hit it hard when you’re feeling better? If you have a common cold in the absence of a fever, physical activity is usually okay. In fact, you may feel better for the exercise as it opens… Read More

Visceral fat alert

Fat man profile view on grungy background

Reducing body fat levels not only helps you look better but it improves your overall health. The fact that your body stores fat is important as it provides a valuable source of energy but having too much body fat can have negative side effects. The stats show that most people can afford to lose a… Read More

Lift Like Hercules

rod with colored pancakes

We’ve all seen it and let’s face it, been tempted by it. Packing a few extra kilos on the machine or adding an extra plate on the barbell and throwing the technique out the window. The lure of increasing the weight beyond our capability can be great. So is it all that bad and what… Read More


Protein powder perfect supplement for bodybuilders ,fitness enthusiasts ,dieters and excercise aficionados

Gaining muscle is tough. You need to eat right, do the right exercise and sleep well. All pretty difficult to do in today’s busy world. Even those who manage to get everything right still hit plateaus. This is the time to consider a supplement. There are so many supplements around that it’s hard to know… Read More

Train hard, rest harder

Schlafende Frau im Fitnessstudio mit dem Kopf auf einem Hometrainer

Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner, rest is just as important as training for every exerciser. Rest days are when your body does some of its best work. When we train we are providing our body with a stimulus to which it has to adapt. Lift a 20kg weight, the body adapts… Read More