Coffee – What’s the skinny?

coffee with latte art

We all feel great after that early morning cuppa, but have you ever wondered how all that coffee impacts your long-term health? You might be surprised to know that new studies have shown coffee to have a positive effect on your health! People who consume more cups of coffee each day tend to have a… Read More

Partners who sweat together, stay together!

We all know that improving our physical fitness can benefit our own well-being, but growing evidence suggests that working out with your romantic partner can improve your relationship in a number of ways as well. 1. Increased physical attractiveness It goes without saying that getting in shape is likely to make you more physically attractive… Read More

Creating an Anabolic Environment


Let’s get one thing clear straight up… this article is not about ‘anabolic steroids’. Instead, it will explain how you can create an environment that supports the body to build muscle and give you the body shape you’re aiming for. Every second of every day the body is performing a range of biochemical processes essential… Read More

A workout most days helps keep the doctor away


Research has found that regular exercise helps to bolster your immune system which means you can fight off simple bacterial and viral infections more easily. We don’t know exactly the mechanism of how this works but some of the theories include: physical activity flushes out the lungs more frequently which removes airborne bacteria that causes… Read More

Whey protein

sport, fitness, healthy lifestyle and people concept - close up of man with jar and bottle preparing protein shake

There are heaps of protein supplements and meal replacement shakes on the market all promising amazing things from bigger muscles to better health, and everything in between. You might be wondering if the type of protein used in these products makes any difference. Well, most products use whey protein, which is the protein component of… Read More

Check in on a mate

Young man sitting looking upset

The positive impact on mental health from leading a fit and healthy lifestyle is widely accepted but have you thought lately to ask a mate if they’re okay? This generally doesn’t come naturally for most people but with the rise of mental health issues in Australians, it definitely should. Some people are great at letting… Read More

Eating before sleep

Drunk man sleeping in his dinner plate

The importance of a good night’s sleep for health and fitness cannot be underestimated. Studies show that getting more and better quality sleep is associated with reduced illness, prevention of weight gain and greater longevity. Sleep is also the time when hormones, like growth hormone which helps muscle growth and regeneration, are at their highest…. Read More

Breakfast – Is it that important?

Organic Breakfast Quinoa with Nuts Milk and Berries

We’ve been told for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight and generally have poorer health, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that eating breakfast causes weight loss and better health. A study conducted on two groups of people… Read More

Protein: How much is enough?

Food high in protein on a wooden background. Healthy diet eating

Protein has so many functions in the body and is obviously one of the most important nutrients, but how do we know if we are getting enough? The official recommended dietary intake (RDI) for protein for adult men is 64g per day. But this probably won’t be enough to meet your requirements if you’re active…. Read More

Isolation vs Compound Exercises

Danny Green gym fitness

Isolation (or single-joint) exercises target specific muscle groups and require less skill to perform. Examples of isolation exercises are biceps curl or quadriceps extension. Isolation exercises are frequently used in physical therapy clinics and rehab centres in order to correct a specific muscle weakness or imbalance that often occurs after injury, illness, surgery or certain… Read More