Can I exercise when I’m sick?

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So what’s the best advice, harden up and push through it, or take a day or two off and hit it hard when you’re feeling better? If you have a common cold in the absence of a fever, physical activity is usually okay. In fact, you may feel better for the exercise as it opens… Read More

Visceral fat alert

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Reducing body fat levels not only helps you look better but it improves your overall health. The fact that your body stores fat is important as it provides a valuable source of energy but having too much body fat can have negative side effects. The stats show that most people can afford to lose a… Read More

Lift Like Hercules

Danny Green bench pressing weights in gym.

We’ve all seen it and let’s face it, been tempted by it. Packing a few extra kilos on the machine or adding an extra plate on the barbell and throwing the technique out the window. The lure of increasing the weight beyond our capability can be great. So is it all that bad and what… Read More


Protein powder perfect supplement for bodybuilders ,fitness enthusiasts ,dieters and excercise aficionados

Gaining muscle is tough. You need to eat right, do the right exercise and sleep well. All pretty difficult to do in today’s busy world. Even those who manage to get everything right still hit plateaus. This is the time to consider a supplement. There are so many supplements around that it’s hard to know… Read More


Three kinds of ginger - ground spice fresh and candied on rustic table. Healthy eating, home remedy for nausea upset stomach colds.

Ginger is an aromatic root commonly used in Asian dishes. It has been used for centuries as a natural medicine but scientists have only recently discovered how it might be used as a cancer prevention agent. Compounds in ginger can reduce inflammation and prevent cancer cells from multiplying when tested in a laboratory. Limited research… Read More

Train hard, rest harder

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Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner, rest is just as important as training for every exerciser. Rest days are when your body does some of its best work. When we train we are providing our body with a stimulus to which it has to adapt. Lift a 20kg weight, the body adapts… Read More


Beetroot Juice

Who’d have thought that the humble purple vegetable, so often confined in a can, is one of nature’s true superfoods? Beetroot is packed with compounds called nitrates, which can be converted into a powerful chemical called nitric oxide by, of all things, the bacteria in our mouth. Once converted, nitric oxide has the capacity to… Read More

Eating for hydration

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Many of us have had the experience of finishing a workout exhausted and drenched in sweat. The first thing we generally search for is a drink to replace all the fluids lost. However, what you eat might be just as important. The foods you eat after exercise contribute to hydration in two ways. First, and… Read More

Model Bloke

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So how does the average Aussie bloke measure up when it comes to physical activity? According to the National Physical Activity Guidelines to be ‘sufficiently active for health’ it is recommended that adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most (preferably all) days. Added up that equates to 150 minutes… Read More

Four secrets of resistance training

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Resistance training refers to any exercise that requires the muscles to contract against an external form of resistance, such as weights, elastic material, or even your own body weight. Over time, the body adapts to the provided resistance leading to increases in strength. So what are the secrets to gaining strength? We’ve made it so… Read More