Training the right way for the right results


Specificity is one of the underpinning principles of exercise prescription. Now that sounds like a mouth full, but in simple terms it refers to the fact that to effectively prepare for a particular sport then the training you do needs to be relevant and appropriate to that sport. In other words, if you want to… Read More

Keeping it simple: The TDG Philosophy


“Our mission is to get Aussie blokes off the couch and back into shape.” Keep it simple. Life’s hard enough – you don’t need to complicate things further. Many training programs out there are not only too complicated, but not tailored for men, and are downright ineffective. What’s the point in that? “Keep it simple”… Read More

Drinking calories: the truth about beer, booze & beverages


There are few things in life that beat an ice-cold beer on a hot summer’s day, except maybe two! The fact is, though, beer and other alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories. And just like paying our taxes and watching our hairlines recede, there’s no changing the fact that beer is fattening. It’s one… Read More

Glycaemic Index


I’m sure you would’ve heard the term low GI thrown around a lot recently, and how low GI foods are what we should be eating. But what’s all the fuss about glycaemic index? Are low GI foods really that good for us? Well, glycaemic index is a measure of how quickly the carbohydrate in a… Read More

Q: What do Australians eat? A: Way more junk than you think


Australia. We’ve got a lot of things to be proud of. Beautiful beaches, endless sunshine, a great lifestyle, awesome athletes and more public holidays than should be allowed. But sadly, healthy eating isn’t one of them. To say that as a nation we don’t eat well is an understatement. More than 60% of us are… Read More

Introducing Team Danny Green

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The sad reality is that Aussies are now some of the fattest people in the world, with almost 2 in 3 (63%) of adults in this country overweight or obese. Excess weight, especially obesity, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions and some cancers. As the level of… Read More