Creating an Anabolic Environment


Let’s get one thing clear straight up… this article is not about ‘anabolic steroids’.

Instead, it will explain how you can create an environment that supports the body to build muscle and give you the body shape you’re aiming for.

Every second of every day the body is performing a range of biochemical processes essential to maintain life. This process (called metabolism) allows us to grow, repair damage and respond to our environment.

Metabolism can either be in the form of catabolic (breaking molecules down) or anabolic (building molecules). When our exercise goal is to build lean muscle tissue, we obviously want to do everything we can to promote anabolic metabolism.

In the same way a builder uses simple building blocks like bricks to create a house, we want to use the simple building blocks in our diet, such as proteins, to create muscle. To craft the optimal environment in which this building process can occur we need two things.

Firstly we need a quality and steady supply of protein in our diet. Our TDGfit meal plans provide you with high quality, lean protein as the building blocks for muscle tissue.

Secondly we need hormones, such as growth hormone, insulin and testosterone, to be released by our body that will drive the anabolic metabolism.

Research has proven that high intensity resistance training triggers the body to produce the ‘building’ hormones. Higher amounts of these hormones are produced when your body is given good quality rest and sleep in between those hard core workouts.

Our TDGfit workouts and meal plans help you to create an anabolic environment to build muscle tissue and reach your fitness goals. Simple!

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