Does My Chest Look Big In This?

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It’s great to start seeing the fruits of your labour and there’s no more powerful motivator than results. But in the pursuit of body shape changes, don’t get caught up in the hype.

For example, people who start shedding kilos or begin to see their muscles grow often turn their focus to the chest, arm and ab regions but the simple fact remains, there is no ‘fast track to success’ or ‘top secret’ workout routines.

Good old fashioned hard work, commitment and consistency is key to sustained success in burning body fat and building lean muscle tissue. A well balanced workout including cardiorespiratory, resistance and stretching exercises will help shape your best body.

Here’s some evidence-based tips to remember –

• Don’t focus on one area of the body over the other. This could lead to over-training and injury.

• Stimulating the body’s production of hormones to help your muscles grow is best achieved by exercising all muscle groups. So don’t overlook your leg exercises when trying to stimulate chest and arm muscles.

• Body fat losses occur in all parts of your body. So don’t just concentrate on ab crunches to flatten the stomach but rather perform a complete range of cardio and resistance exercises working all areas.

• Stick to your TDGfit Program because we know it works… when you do!

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