Happy Feet


Walking, running, x-training, cycling, steps, etc… many forms of exercise rely on your feet absorbing and transferring varying levels impact and force.

It therefore stands to reason that maintaining good foot health is a key part of your overall training success. This is even more important for anyone starting out, returning to exercise after a long break, or are carrying a few too many kegs.

Here’s a few quick tips to help you maintain happy feet –

• Blisters can become a problem when part of your foot excessively rubs against the inside of your shoe. Correctly fitting running shoes will minimize the rubbing and good quality socks draw moisture and sweat away from the skin. If you do develop a blister make sure you protect it with a good quality adhesive plaster.

• Athlete’s Foot is a common name for fungus that can thrive in the warm, sweat environment created when exercising. Keep a good antifungal spray or cream handy and apply at the first sign of tingling, burning or itching. Washing and drying your feet properly after exercise will help to prevent athlete’s foot.

• Sprains and strains can be commonplace. Good fitting shoes are again important as they help you to secure a sound footing. If you do develop a sprain or strain RICER is the key…

R – Rest to allow the damaged tissue to repair;
I – Ice for 20 minutes every two hours;
C – Compression bandage the affected area;
E – Elevate when you can;
R – Referring to a health care professional may be necessary if pain continues.

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