How TDGfit Works


After making the decision to embrace a healthier lifestyle, nobody likes being forced to wait several weeks before they can actually start. With TDGfit, you can start your personalised health and fitness program on any Sunday you choose!

We’ll give you the structure, support and motivation to help you eat well, exercise correctly and take control of your health and fitness in a simple, flexible and realistic way.

And yes, women can join too! If, like many of our female members, you’re after a simple, no-fuss program that cuts through the jargon, then you’ve come to the right place and we’d love to have you on the Team!

JOIN NOW and start getting more out of life with me and my expert team in your corner for the next 9 weeks!


Once you've signed up we'll ask you to complete a simple questionnaire so we can get a better understanding of who you are and the goals you'd like to achieve. This helps us build your personal Profile and recommend a tailored program that's right for you!

Don't worry, we know most people hate filling out questionnaires so we've made it dead simple and it only takes a few minutes.

After building your Profile, we'll give you some brief Pre-Launch information which includes simple tips on how to get the most out of your TDGfit program before it officially starts.


Planning and preparation is always super-easy because your new Meal and Exercise Plans are updated every Sunday so you can see the current and upcoming week of your program.

This means you can easily swap workout times or modify individual meals and exercises to suit your lifestyle by using the hundreds of recipe and exercise options in your program.

What You Get With TDGfit


After more than 25 years as an elite athlete, I've learnt that preparation is the key to success. It doesn't matter whether you're aiming to win a world title, gain a little more strength or lose a few kilos, it all starts with a plan and solid prep work.
To help you start on the right foot, we've made TDGfit as simple and easy as possible so your program kicks off with a warm-up week. Each day during your warm-up week you'll receive a few simple tasks to complete like gauging your current fitness level, taking some basic body measurements and throwing out any junk from your kitchen cupboards.
Your warm-up week also includes meal plans and exercises to help you get used to how your entire health and fitness program fits together plus daily videos and emails from me that are full of practical information and handy tips.


Your body won’t go where your mind won’t take it so we’ll be in your corner to keep you motivated and make sure your head stays in the game!
We'll upload a short video into your TDGfit program several times each week. Each vid is short and sharp but full of simple, practical tips on Nutrition and Exercise plus Headspace videos to keep you motivated.
We won't overload your inbox but you'll receive brief emails from me each week with even more hints and tips to help you stay on track.
No BS just heaps of handy tips when you need them most!
No thinking required! Daily meal plans and shopping lists for quick, tasty, easy meals that you’ll actually want to eat!
Huge variety of simple, fad-free recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks each day so you’ll never go hungry. You'll have a tonne of energy too!
Access to our entire Recipe Library containing hundreds of meals so you can quickly and easily modify your meal plan by selecting your favourite recipes. And to make things real simple, your Shopping List will update automatically.
Simple, effective Exercise Plans for all fitness levels that you can do anywhere, anytime!
Workout at home, outdoors or in the gym and select the duration and days per week you prefer to train. Go at your own pace, but we’ll be in your corner to make sure you go!
No hardcore or ‘do or die’ approach but tailored Exercise Plans that are flexible, realistic and proven to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Supported by practical evidence and the latest research in sports and exercise science.
Access to our entire Exercise Library containing hundreds of exercise options so you can quickly and easily modify your Exercise Plan to suit your own lifestyle.


Tracking your progress with TDGfit is real simple - no hours spent counting calories or filling out a diary to record exercises or meals.

During your warm-up week you'll complete a small range of exercises to gauge your fitness level and you'll take some simple body measurements which you can repeat at any time during your program to see how you've progressed.

You can also log your workouts and use our simple scale to monitor how well you've stuck to your meal plan and how motivated you've been during each week of your program.

Tracking your progress is quick and easy so you can focus on your goals and stay motivated every step of the way!


TDGfit members are never alone! Our expert team of Dietitians, Nutritionists and Exercise & Sports Scientists are only ever an email away or you can easily access our comprehensive Support section from inside your program!

The entire TDGfit Team is committed to helping you get more out of life. We're always available to answer questions or to give you additional motivation and encouragement (or a kick up the butt!) whenever you feel you need it most.

So with us in your corner and the incredible results already achieved by thousands of TDGfit members before you, we know we can help you achieve your goals too!

P.S. Each week I personally call as many of our members as I can. With thousands of members across the country, unfortunately it's not possible for me to get to everyone but if your phone rings from a private number... don't leave me hanging!


We want the good habits you develop from your TDGfit program to stay with you forever. Whether you achieve your goals during your first round, or if like many of our members you choose to continue your journey with us over several rounds, there is no finish line…

To reward you for embracing a healthier lifestyle and to thank you for being on our Team, we’ll offer you a special discount to re-join after completing your first round. But more on that after you achieve your goals in your first round so JOIN NOW and let’s start ripping into this together!