Mental About Exercise

World campion boxer, Danny Green, talking about the impact of physical exercise on mental health

Modern life is tough, and it’s only getting tougher as we try to fit more and more in and place greater expectations on ourselves.

The balance of family, work and finances sometimes can get the better of us.

Turning to exercise is one way to help manage stress, anxiety and even depression that can stem from day to day life. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of mental illness in people of all ages, especially those aged 18-24 years who are at greater risk.

People who undertake regular physical activity, even at very low levels, are less likely to experience symptoms of depression and are less likely to experience future depressive episodes. Exercise has a moderate clinical effect on depressive symptoms and may be as effective as counselling and drug therapies for some individuals.

Just as importantly, regular physical activity is a well-established strategy for weight management, improving diabetes control and reducing the impact of cardiovascular disease that often occurs in mental illness.

Everyone here at TDGfit wants you to be as fit and healthy as possible – physically and mentally. So if you are finding things are getting too tough, the best thing to do is ask for help – family, mates, counsellors… there’s plenty of good help out there!

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