Partners who sweat together, stay together!

We all know that improving our physical fitness can benefit our own well-being, but growing evidence suggests that working out with your romantic partner can improve your relationship in a number of ways as well.

1. Increased physical attractiveness
It goes without saying that getting in shape is likely to make you more physically attractive to your partner, but did you know that simply exercising together can result in higher perceived attractiveness? Exercise is associated with a range of physiological symptoms that we normally associate with arousal, including shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and sweating. Research shows that people often interpret physiological arousal as physical attraction, so working out with your partner can lead to higher levels of perceived physical attractiveness.

2. Working towards a common goal
Climbing a mountain on your own is an achievement, but sharing that experience with someone close to you is even better. Research shows that after completing a physical challenge together, couples reported feeling higher satisfaction with their relationship, and more love towards their partner. Sharing a fitness goal with your partner is the perfect way to improve your health and well-being at the same time as strengthening your relationship.

3. Get in tune with your partner
In today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to drift out of sync with those around us, even with those we are closest to. Physical exercise provides numerous opportunities to tap into what scientists call our “mirror neuron network”. This network is activated when we perform a physical activity in synchronisation with someone else, such as running at the same pace, lifting weights in rhythm with each other, or stretching in time together. Activation of this network is linked to our ability to empathise with others and can help you to feel more emotionally “tuned-in” with your partner.

As you can see the benefits of physical exercise are not limited to the individual, but extend to our romantic relationships too. So go and grab your sweetheart and get your hearts pounding in time!

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