Red wine

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Red wine is often associated with health benefits, particularly when consumed in moderation.

So what is in red wine that could be so good for you?

All alcohol, when consumed in moderation, appears to be associated with better health. However, moderate consumption means only 1-2 drinks each day, which is a lot lower than many people consume on a typical drinking occasion.

Scientists still debate whether small amounts of alcohol actually have benefit or it might be that people willing to have only one or two glasses at a time might use this moderation approach to other aspects of their lifestyle and they are healthier overall regardless of alcohol consumption.

Nevertheless, the skins of grapes used to produce red wine contain a compound called resveratrol, which may contribute to reduced cholesterol, prevent damage to blood vessels and reduce blood clots. However, many of the benefits of resveratrol are only seen in animal studies using doses far in excess of those typically consumed in wine.

Although the potential benefits of red wine appear promising, it is not recommended that people should start consuming red wine just to prevent heart disease because alcohol can be addictive and drinking to excess has many negative effects. However, if you currently enjoy a glass of red wine with your dinner, and you are happy to stick to just one glass, then you can enjoy your wine in the knowledge that it is likely having a positive effect on your health.

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