Sitting at work all day?


Research out of Melbourne studied the physical activity levels of employees working in offices, call-centres and customer service jobs.

It found a staggering 77% of the employees’ time was spent being sedentary (inactive) during working hours at which time the body effectively goes into metabolic shut-down.

Latest research on the blood pressure of people who took a short walk every 20 minutes as opposed to those who stayed sitting have shown drops in blood pressure over the course of one day equivalent to the drops seen after months of aerobic exercise!

Current best practice in occupational health circles declares ‘the best posture is the next posture.’ Changing posture and varying task is what’s important – whether it’s sitting-to-standing or just walking a metre.

To this end, workplaces are incorporating standing-up desks and ‘activity-based working’ as part of a new workplace design.

An active work culture and consistent physical activity and exercise outside of work are the key to optimal health and working well.

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