What is the best diet?


There are so many weight loss diets out at the moment with each one promising so much. So how do you know which is the best? Well, it seems that there might actually be many different ways to eat well and searching for a one-size-fits-all answer may not be the best solution.

Patterns of eating such as the Mediterranean diet, paleo-style diets and low carbohydrate diets have all been shown in various studies to have some benefits. However, each of these diets can include a wide variety of foods and seem to be defined differently by many different people.

What appears to be most common about these diets is that they contain mostly whole, nutrient dense, unprocessed foods with limited amounts of foods that are refined, packaged and processed. So there may well be many different ways of eating well. As long as your preferred eating pattern or diet includes mostly whole, nutrient dense, unprocessed foods its likely to be a winner.

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