Why Weight?

Danny Green lifting weights Iin gym.

The research is clear. No longer is weight training exclusively for those who want to increase muscle size and strength.

Resistance training should be an integral part of an exercise program for anybody wanting to lose weight. Put simply to lose weight (body fat) more energy needs to be burnt and a higher metabolism needs to be stimulated.

During resistance training exercises, muscle contractions demand high amounts of energy. The amount of energy required depends on the amount of muscle mass involved in the exercise and the levels of resistance used. Obviously a squat or leg press exercise will use greater energy than a bicep curl.

Resistance training has been shown to elevate resting metabolic rate (RMR). RMR is a measure of energy expenditure when at rest. A higher RMR translates to an overall increase in daily energy expenditure and in turn more body fat burning.

What the research is also showing us is that across all age groups, resistance training positively impacts on RMR. So to optimise the burning of fat stores during an exercise session and when at rest, resistance training is a must.

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